Are you ready for Life Coaching? 
How does your readiness affect your probability success?

“Are you ready for Life Coaching?” is the first question you should be asking yourself. If you are not ready you will probably be wasting your time and your money.

Life Coaching is a very powerful tool to help you achieve your goals. It is however like any other tool, most effective when used in the right situation. Try unscrewing a bolt with a hammer or cutting a piece of wood with a screwdriver sometime.  

So how do you know if you are ready?

Take the following quiz. It will help you identify areas that will greatly improve your success.

1.   Do you have a clear goal or goals? Life Coaching is about setting clear, obtainable, measurable changes. A Life Coach begins where you are now and supports you to get where you want to be in the future.

 Don’t worry if you don’t have this perfect. Part of the screening I use before I take on a new client is to make sure that we have at least one clear goal that we are committed to for your success. I can help you clarify and refine your vision in the free initial consultation. (click here to set up your free initial consultation)


2.   Are you ready for a coach and the Life Coaching process? This really involves several questions.

First, are you open to outside input? I learned a long time ago that it is very hard to push a string up hill. I am not interested in being your mother, father or drill sergeant but I am delighted to be your cheerleader, provider of wise counsel, and occasionally give you a swift kick in the butt if necessary. You are always the person ultimately responsible and in control.

Change involves doing things differently than you have done them before. This means you will be out of your comfort zone at times. I will be there to support you and point the way but you have to do the heavy lifting. The good news is that the result makes it very rewarding.  

Second, are you ready to invest in yourself? Life Coaching is not like a New Year’s Resolution that is fading by February and forgotten by March. It is a commitment to yourself to have the life you deserve. This involves time, money and willingness to endure discomfort in the short term for long term gain. Be prepared to invest 60, 90 or even 180 days in this process depending on your goals.

You are the only person on the planet fully responsible for you 24/7/365. Investing in yourself pays the highest return of anything you can do but only you can choose it.

Third, are you ready to take action? Life Coaching is action oriented. This is a very exciting process but you are the captain of the ship and have to initiate the action.

3.   Have you found the right fit? Having the right Life Coach can make all the difference. There are a multitude of areas where a Life Coach can help but none of us can help in all areas. I know from more than 40 years of experience that I just click better with some people than with others. You’re the employer so take responsibility to get your needs met. Actually nobody wins if there isn't a good fit so take this seriously, I do.

I suggest that you take advantage of the free initial consultation to get all of your questions answered but more importantly to see if we have the right fit. If we aren't the right fit then I will be happy to refer you to one of my trusted colleagues who may be better suited to meet your needs. (click here to set up your free initial consultation)

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