Holistic Healing
Can Lead to Total Health

Holistic Practitoners knows that to have truly healthy physical bodies we must have Holistic Health. This requires creating a life balance where we also have Spiritual, Mental and Emotional Health. A Life Coach, Healer or other Holistic Health Practitioner who specializes in Holistic Healing understands that simply manipulating the physical symptoms without addressing other imbalances will only result in partial or short term solutions.


Holistic Healing Can Transform Your Life!

Holistic Healers recognize that when you have self empowerment and you are in balance on all levels, you have the consciousness to manifest your heart’s desire. You will align to live your life purpose and make the lifestyle changes to achieve life satisfaction.   

Why and When Would You Choose Holistic Healing?

People come to Holistic Healers through many doors. Here are some of the many.

·        Physical problems or disease that is not being resolved successfully with traditional medical approaches. Often this involves chronic pain or illness.

·        Physical problems or diseases that are being addressed or controlled by traditional medical approaches but where you realize that there is more going on or you want a better quality of life.

·        Issues of self confidence, self esteem, living a purposeful life and self empowerment.

·        Looking for self improvement, self mastery, self motivation, and self-awareness.

·        Seeking stress management, stress reduction or stress relief at a core level.

·        Wanting lifestyle changes, to live with passion, life satisfaction and direction.

·        To resolve Trauma, abuse, PTSD, anger management, insomnia or other emotional issues.

·        Addressing relationship issues where you know you have personal work to do to create the relationships you desire. Often times this includes topics of sexuality, personal power, vulnerability, insecurity, intimacy, and family patterns.  

·        Pursuing spirituality and a closer spiritual connection in a system that recognizes that you are a spiritual being first having a physical experience.

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Holistic Healing Comes in Many Forms

Holistic Healing comes in too many forms to be recounted here and new approaches are being synthesized as we speak. So what do they have in common and how do you know what is right for you?

We experience life as physical, emotional, mental and spiritual beings so a system or technique that addresses all of those levels is the most versatile. This does not dismiss any tool, even if it only addresses one component, but suggests you should look for a practitioner who has a full tool chest and understands the interplay between the various levels.   

Some of the systems include the following:

·        Bodywork

·        Breathwork

·        Energy Healing

My Expertise

Since 1995 I have been an Holistic Healing Practitioner and Teacher. I am able to work as a Holistic Life Coach and use various distance healing techniques with people who are not able to come to my office. For people I can meet with personally I use a variety of Breath, Body and Energy healing techniques and systems. I am a Master Teacher and Practitioner of Unlimited Body and Unlimited Breath.

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