How does lifecoaching work?

A metaphor shows how a Lifecoach and
Life Coaching works.

Let’s look at an example how lifecoaching works.

Say I’m 3 years old and my parents like to play tennis, so they take me to the court with them. As I’m throwing and chasing balls along the sideline my parents are having fun. So I say, “I want to play too.”

Mom says, “Come here honey”, and hands me her racket. It’s obviously too big and heavy for me so she has me choke up on the handle and use two hands. After a while I manage to hit some balls and have fun playing with my parents.

As I grow I can now hold the racket with one hand (still choking up) and begin to get some serves in. I’m feeling pretty good about myself. Dad is always good enough to hit to my sweet spot and I can hit the service box most of the time.

Time for a growth experience

By now I’m in school so I’m talking to one of my buddies who also plays tennis. We agree to play some and my parents take us to the court next time they go. My Mon has given me her old racket (she wanted a new one anyway) and my buddy and I begin to play.

The problem I soon discover is that he learned to play at the country club with a professional coach. He not only had lessons to learn proper technique, but he has a racket sized just for him. It doesn’t take long to see that all I’m going to be doing is chasing balls.

I’m miserable and discouraged!

Here comes the Coach

My parents see my dilemma and when we get home they agree to get me a coach. I’m thrilled and think all my problems are solved.

Let's see where we're starting

I show up at the first session racket in hand, and the coach says, “show me what you can do, hit a few serves.”

I go to the service line, choke up, throw the ball just over my head and proceed to hit the ball in the service area. I feel pretty good but remember that every time I did that with my friend he smashed it back out of my reach.

We identify and secure the proper equipment for success

The coach observes a few other aspects of my game and says, “Come over here.” He has a bunch of rackets with different grips, lengths and weights. He has me try some out until I get the right size for me. Then he says, “Let’s see what you can do now.”

Evaluate and refine

Back on the court I go feeling great and more confident than ever. I proceed to choke up, throw the ball just over my head and hit the ball in the service area. This time I have a little more power but the end result is still the same. The ball comes back faster and out of reach.

Now the coach says, “I want you to grip the racket at the end of the handle and throw the ball 3 feet over your head. I want you to hit it at the highest point you can reach it.”

Time to get out of your comfort zone and 
Trust the process!

This makes me uncomfortable but I try it. The first time I miss the ball altogether, the second time it goes into the net, the third time it flies over the fence, and so on.

I’m getting frustrated. I have no control and little or no success at getting the serve in. I protest to the coach that "This isn't working." He says, “I don’t care keep hitting and explains that the only way I will build up the strength and accuracy is to practice.” Finally one zings into the service area and I go, “Whoa! That felt great.”

Your commitment and follow through + 
Your Lifecoach's support and expertise =
Your Success! 

Needless to say it took some time, commitment, repetition and mistakes to change my game. But boy was it worth it!

This is how Lifecoaching works. You have some area of your life where you are not satisfied with the outcome. My job as a Life Coach is to help identify blocks, miss-learning and underdeveloped skill so I can support you as you develop into the fully realized person that you are meant to be.

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