Relationship Advice is really learning about ourselves

Relationships are considered by many to be the “spice of life”. The hidden gem is they are the most powerful playground where we really learn who we are.  


Finding and Living with that Special Someone

Finding that special someone to spend your time with, to share your heart with, finding the right someone who can help you change your life, and give you that meaningful connection that you crave, is often difficult and sometimes seems impossible.

But many of us struggle when we finally do meet that right someone. We struggle with our communication skills – to let them know what they actually mean to us or what we want in the relationship - struggle to truly let that special someone know what’s in our heart…

These are areas where relationship advice can help. 

Whether You're Having Trouble
Finding that Special Someone or
Getting Along with the Someone you have,
Relationship Advice can Help!

A Relationship Coach knows that healthy relationships are based on healthy individuals in relationship. Relationship Coaching begins with self empowerment, and usually involves self improvement and personal growth. You are the only person you have the power to change. When you own your personal power you will create personal success. This is true whether you are addressing intimate relationships or business relationships. The nice thing is that when you change you, then everyone in relationship with you changes.  

Relationships and the Law of Attraction

A Relationship Coach will help you master the Law of Attraction so you can use it to create the relationship of your dreams. This is invaluable whether you are trying to attract your perfect partner or create greater communications and intimacy in your current relationship. Learning to manifest your hearts desire is a skill that will serve you in all parts of your life.

My Expertise

For the past 40+ years I have worked with individuals and couples on relationship issues. I have functioned in the role of Relationship Coach, Marriage Counselor, Retreat Facilitator and Financial Adviser. I have given relationship advice and marriage guidance working with issues like money, sex, parenting, infidelity, abuse, divorce, communications, blended families, and non traditional relationships.

I would be honored to support you as an individual or as a couple if it fits for both of us. (Click here to set up a free introductory consultation)