Spiritual Life Coach

A Spiritual Life Coach provides spiritual direction to support you in developing your spiritual gifts and divine connection as you journey along your spiritual path. Spiritual coaching helps you reinvent yourself at the most profound level where you truly change for life and learn to live with passion.


You are an extraordinary spiritual being

You are an extraordinary spiritual being but you may not know how to fully express or experience what this means. A Spiritual Life Coach understands and supports your desire for comfort and inner peace. Your Spiritual Coach appreciates your enthusiasm to feel a spiritual connection to your daily activities, to your goals, to the people in your life, and most importantly your connection to the divine within you!

How does the divine make its presence known, and what is your relationship to that presence?

Your spiritual development and resulting spiritual growth are unique to you. A Spiritual Coach can serve as a spiritual guide in helping you develop a structure of self care that supports ongoing lifestyle changes and teaches you the secret of manifesting your dreams.


Conscious Creation

Many seek Spiritual Life Coaching to learn how to achieve the life they desire using Conscious Creation like that taught in The Secret. The good news is that Conscious Creation is actually a byproduct of your spiritual development and growth. It is more easily accomplished when you are properly supported focusing on spiritual development with the aid of a Spiritual Life Coach.


So whether it’s:

  • learning how to follow divine guidance
  • finding a new career that is in alignment with your life purpose
  • losing weight naturally and living in harmony with your body
  • mastering your time or
  • mastering your mind
  • learning how to develop self confidence
  • developing the relationship you always desired
  • dealing with a life transition
  • addressing your quality of life
  • living a more purposeful life or
  • totally reinventing yourself

You can develop the consciousness and spiritual connection to manifest these with ease.   

My Expertise

Some people are looking for more than a Spiritual Life Coach. I have spent the past 20+ year as a Spiritual Teacher, Spiritual Counselor and Spiritual Healer. I am happy to work with you at whatever level and in whatever capacity will best meet your needs and desires. I have worked with Baptists to Buddhists, with Atheists to Born Again Christians. Your journey is unique and I would be honored to support you if it fits for both of us. (Click here to set up a free introductory consultation)