The Unlimited Body Workshop Series

The Unlimited Body Workshop Series, Your Six Gifts to Successful Living consists of six workshops that are not only designed to help you grow and heal on the mind, body and spirit levels, but also to teach you the powerful principles and techniques of Unlimited Body. It is a self empowerment process where you learn how to be more confident and operate from self motivation and direction as you live based on what inspires you. You learn to transmute fear of change into excitement and integrate the teachings into a self care regimen that catapults you toward self mastery.


With Unlimited Body you will be utilizing one of the most profound bodywork systems for releasing dis-ease and restoring the body to health and aliveness. You will discover how constrictions in the body are beacons that identify where traumas are stored in cellular memory and how these traumas limit the achieving of your full potential.  As you learn Unlimited Body you will practice giving and receiving sessions. In the process you will be healing your past hurts and tapping your creative powers to manifest the world of your dreams.  

What Does This Workshop Series Offer You?

In Your Six Gifts to Successful Living workshop series you receive concrete, insightful, useful and meaningful information that you put into practice through transformational exercises. The fun and relaxed presentation together with skilled support provides learning, self-exploration, and growth.


A brief synopsis of the material covered

  1. Safe Touch: In this workshop you will discover first hand how many ways you touch people. You will learn how to consciously touch with your hands, your words, and your behaviors in a way that is supportive, healthy, and inspires safety, healing and the release of past trauma.
  2. Natural Yoga: Your body has a natural flow and Natural Yoga follows the movements that your body makes when you truly relax and allow it to move freely. As you learn how to accept your body’s wisdom you reconnect with your passion for being alive.  
  3. Body Language: Learn how to understand your body’s messages to you and how to recognize other people’s body language. Your body never lies. It is your guide to staying healthy and happy. In this workshop you will learn how to use the logical language of your body to identify and release dis-ease to restore your body to a healthy state of balance and avoid future traumas.
  4. Healing Pulastions: Discover how your body and the universe are made up of natural cycles. Explore how dis-ease is created when these cycles are blocked and opposed. Learn how to release these blockages and how to flow with the rhythm of life to experience a world of grace and ease. 
  5. Releasing Joints and Scars: When you hold onto an experience or an emotion you constrict your joints or create scars. By learning to work with releasing joints and scars you will free problematic joints and experience scars disappearing as you easily let go of past hurts.
  6. Integrating the Four bodies: This is the workshop where you learn how to create permanent results. You will discover how to identify and integrate the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspect of yourself in a  way that creates health, happiness, success and freedom.

Why Are There Six Workshop Over Six Months?

Research has shown that to truly affect long term change in behavior it is most effective if there is ongoing repetition and support. In fact over 90% of information learned in a traditional way in a single session is lost within 30 days. On the other hand true behavior change is accomplished and retained if the material is supported and repeated over time.

At The Center for Health & Harmony we are committed to supporting you in creating the life of your dreams and so we use experiential learning techniques combined with repetition in the six workshop series to greatly improve retention. Not only is this series designed to support your personal growth, but also the information presented is carefully constructed to build a new framework of understanding as you identify and remove old hurts and limitations. We are not interested in a short term “feel good” fix that you vaguely remember in the future. We are interested in helping you discover subconscious patterns that limit your success. In addition we are interested in teaching you new success behaviors that not only serves you now but more importantly for the rest of your life.


Your Six Gifts to Successful Healing workshop series is a participatory, experiential learning environment. You will receive an extensive workbook explaining much of the theory behind Unlimited Body, and you will listen to insightful and stimulating presentations on a host of topic designed to enhance your happiness and control of your destiny. But, undoubtedly the most powerful learning will come from your process of self-discovery from directly utilizing Unlimited Body. It is difficult to explain and even harder to understand the safe, gentle, yet incredibly powerful benefits of Unlimited Body. It is a kin to explaining the taste ice cream to a person who has no taste buds or the color blue to a person who has no sight. It is truly one of the things you have to experience for yourself.    


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