What is a Life Coach and What is Life Coaching?

Is there such a thing as affordable life coaching?  Can you afford not to have a Life Coach? 

If you’re thinking of change in your life, whether it’s to:

·         Change career

·         Improve or create a relationship

·         Connect more deeply on a spiritual basis

·         Advance your business

·         Develop leadership skills

·         Address issues around health and well being

or looking for some other significant change for life, a Life Coach can help. "What is a Life Coach?" Someone that supports you to become a master of conscious creation, to become the captain of your life’s ship…  So find a coach and become the captain, the master of your creations!

Every person needs someone to help them get an “edge” in life,

Let someone help you create life satisfaction, instead of a life of stuckness.  When do you need a life coach?  When you are ready to change and want to do it efficiently and successfully. Maybe it’s for finding a new career, individual coaching on life choices, there’s a life coach for women, for people in a life transition, to help master lifestyle changes, to live a life of passion, instead of just “getting by”

If you wanted to become a competitive swimmer, improve your golf game, or advance in any kind of athletic endeavor you would get a coach. You could of course try reading books and teach yourself using trial and error, or the best advice of your friends, but you know that you will not achieve your potential. Why settle for less in other areas of your life that are so important?

Changes are difficult to deal with

Changes are difficult to deal with, as a matter of fact most people dread change – I’m not just talking about changing clothes or changing the kind of donuts you choose in the morning, I’m talking about real, life-altering change.  The kind of changes people need to make to stay current with life’s changing pace, instead of getting swept aside by the torrent of life’s ebbs and flow…

What is a life coach?  

A Life Coach is:

·         A professional who can help you identify, clarify and set realistic attainable goals.

·         A professional who can support you in successfully achieving your goals.  

Someone to help you see yourself losing weight naturally, someone for manifesting your dreams, a personal coach to help you master your time and to master your mind!(Click here to sign up for a free introductory consultation to discover if life coaching is for you.)


A life coach helps you to live a purposeful life, to create a real quality of life.  A life coach helps you at reinventing yourself – an absolute must from time to time in this day and age.

So, can you afford not to have a
Life Coach?

Other things to consider in addition to "What is a Life Coach?"

How does Life Coaching work?

Are you ready for life coaching and how does your readiness affect your probability success?

Are Life Coaches the same as Therapists, Counselors, Consultants, Mentors or Healers?